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"Why can't I ...? Why won't ... work?" What to do in case of problems

If you are having trouble with your Apache server software, you should take the following steps:

Check the ErrorLog!
Apache tries to be helpful when it encounters a problem. In many cases, it will provide some details by writing one or more messages to the server error log. Sometimes this is enough for you to diagnose & fix the problem yourself (such as file permissions or the like). The default location of the error log is /usr/local/apache2/logs/error_log, but see the ErrorLog directive in your config files for the location on your server.
Check the ErrorLog again!
Nearly all problems can be solved by reading the error log.
Check the FAQ!
The latest version of the Apache Frequently-Asked Questions list can always be found at the main Apache web site.
Check the Apache bug database
Most problems that get reported to The Apache Group are recorded in the bug database. Please check the existing reports, open and closed, before adding one. If you find that your issue has already been reported, please don't add a "me, too" report. If the original report isn't closed yet, we suggest that you check it periodically. You might also consider contacting the original submitter, because there may be an email exchange going on about the issue that isn't getting recorded in the database.
Ask in a user support forum

Apache has an active community of users who are willing to share their knowledge. Participating in this community is usually the best and fastest way to get answers to your questions and problems.

Users mailing list

#apache on Freenode IRC is also available for user support issues.

Please use the bug database for bugs!

If you've gone through those steps above that are appropriate and have obtained no relief, then please do let the httpd developers know about the problem by logging a bug report.

If your problem involves the server crashing and generating a core dump, please include a backtrace (if possible).

Whom do I contact for support?

With millions of users and fewer than sixty volunteer developers, we cannot provide personal support for Apache. For free support, we suggest participating in a user forum.

Professional, commercial support for Apache is available from a number of companies.

Available Languages:  en  |  ja  |  ko