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Upgrading to 2.2 from 2.0

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In order to assist folks upgrading, we maintain a document describing information critical to existing Apache users. These are intended to be brief notes, and you should be able to find more information in either the New Features document, or in the src/CHANGES file.

This document describes only the changes from 2.0 to 2.2. If you are upgrading from version 1.3, you should also consult the 1.3 to 2.0 upgrading document.

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Compile-Time Configuration Changes

The compilation process is very similar to the one used in version 2.0. Your old configure command line (as found in build/config.nice in the installed server directory) can be used in some cases. The most significant change required will be to account for changes in module names, in particular for the authentication and authorization modules. Some details of changes:


Run-Time Configuration Changes

Your existing version 2.0 config files and startup scripts can usually be used unchanged in version 2.2. Some small adjustments may be necessary for particular configurations as discussed below. In addition, if you dynamically load the standard modules using the LoadModule directive, then you will need to account for the module name changes mentioned above.

If you choose to use the new default configuration file for version 2.2, you will find that it has been greatly simplified by removing all but the most essential configuration settings. A set of example configuration settings for more advanced features is present in the conf/extra/ directory of the installed server. Default configuration files are installed in the conf/original directory.

Some runtime configuration changes that you may notice:


Misc Changes


Third Party Modules

Many third-party modules designed for version 2.0 will work unchanged with the the Apache HTTP Server version 2.2. But all modules must be recompiled before being loaded.

Available Languages:  de  |  en  |  ja  |  ko  |  pt-br  |  ru