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Below you may see information on the eCMS project published in European Commission repositories as well as articles presented to conferences..

Presentations to Conferences and Journals

 eCMS presentation to ECEL
   2nd European Conference on eLearning,
    Glasgow, November 6-7, 2003. ppt presentation.

 eCMS presentation to m-ICTE
   2nd International Conference on Mutlimedia and ICT in Education,
    Bajadoz, Spain, December 4-5, 2003

   eCMS publication to the Electronic Journal of eLearning, EJEL,
     to be published in June 2004.

Publications to eLearning Databases

 eCMS presentation at the eLearning Europa portal

 eLearning Europa

Informational Leaflet and Poster

In addition, from this page you may download copies of an information leaflet and poster on the eCMS project.

 eCMS informational leaflet (A4 size).

 eCMS poster (A3 size).

 eCMS poster (A1 size).

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