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Minerva Action Project 90613-CP-1-2001-1-GR-MINERVA-M

Asynchronous eLearning overcomes geographical and temporal constraints transforming learning into a process that can occur at the independently determined convenience of instructor and student. Demand for eLearning has been developing both by corporations seeking to extend the skills of their employees and by individuals pursuing life long training for the achievement of their career goals. While a wealth of educational material is available throughout Europe, a large number of institutions do not currently offer organized distance education programs. Furthermore, it is desirable to promote existing distance education initiatives through information dissemination.

We are proposing a Content Management System for the Support of eLearning. The core of the system is an open middleware architecture for the publication, discovery, retrieval, and integration of educational material. The system will provide a hosting platform and services for the publication of educational material by institutions that do not offer organized eLearning programs. Furthermore, it will support the integration of existing educational repositories. Thus, the final prototype will have the potential of becoming an eLearning portal for European educational institutions.

In addition, the system will offer a collaborative environment that will be developed through off the shelf tools (chat-rooms, forums, whiteboard space sharing) to facilitate on-line learning through the establishment of communication channels (office hours, student working groups, etc).

External student groups consisting of secondary school teachers and higher education students will evaluate the functionality of the final system. However, the proposed infrastructure is independent of the targeted student group and may be used in other eLearning initiatives.

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