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Objectives at a Glance

The eCMS project aims to support asynchronous eLearning through an open, federated content management system that facilitates the publication, dissemination, and access to possibly distributed educational content through a single point on the web.

eCMS provides content discovery and retrieval services for learners, publication and editing services for content providers, development of structured courses and management services for course managers (course organizers), and repository management and statistics analysis services for administrators.

In addition, a basic on-line collaboration environment is available to facilitate the learning process through learner-learner and learner-instructor communication.

System Architecture

The core of the system is an open middleware architecture for the publication, discovery, retrieval, and integration of educational content. The system supports the publication of standalone educational modules and structured courses as well as the integration of organized external repositories.
























Implementation Details

The system is implemented as a 3-tier web-based JAVA database application.
















Structured Courses

The system implements a flexible hierarchical structure for course representation that allows reuse of modules aiming at the value adding integration of existing and newly created educational modules into larger entities.





















Services and Customized Library Views

q       Services for Learners


  • Efficient information discovery
  • Repository navigation and browsing
  • Metadata record reviewing
  • Content retrieval
  • Course registration
  • Collaboration tools


q       Additional Services for Content Providers


  • On-line metadata generation
  • Optional content hosting
  • On-line metadata management: reviewing, updating, deleting


q       Additional Services for Course Managers


  • On-line structured course development
  • On-line structured course management: publication, editing, integration, sharing
  • Examination support


q       Additional Services for Administrators


  • Indexing
  • Statistics gathering and analysis
  • External repository integration
  • User account management
  • Collaboration environment management



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